Our Approach

In researching the need for re-integration of burn survivors and the present lack of awareness amongst communities, we realize that communities are not emotionally or psychologically prepared neither ready to embrace burn survivors; and in most instances are afraid of of relating to burn survivors face to face. Equally so, survivors are too emotionally scarred (notwithstanding the obvious physical disfigurement) and are too afraid to be seen in public.

Our campaigns and initiatives are geared for preparing all community types of the need for mutual solidarity which includes burns survivor re-integration as well as advocating against the overall violation of humanity. Our mission is focused on raising awareness of burns abuse as well as unintentional burns. It further educates on burns prevention and management.


Our Story

Burn survivors are a forgotten community of people who fearfully hide from society. A people who live their lives in the “shadows” too afraid to be seen. Children who have become familiar with bullying and mockery to such a degree they cannot go to school and therefore unable to learn like every child should.

Beulah Kleinveldt, the Founder of Campio spent more than 30 years in humanitarian and music missions; working amongst diverse cultures and nations and learning about spiritual underworlds; from gypsy compounds to HIV sufferers in Spain – she witnessed the evidence and manifestations of some of life’s most inhumane activity and consequential disfigurement.

Knowing she would be returning to South Africa the father of a burn survivor appealed that she research the world of burns . He believed that given her experience in humanitarian missions she would be touched by a community of people who have been tragically burned and disfigured through fire accidents and in many cases, abuse.

Her research and subsequent compassion gave birth to The Campio Burns Group – Campio was her response to the call to bring burn survivors out of hiding and raise them, along with other type trauma survivors to be champions.

We invite you to join our Family

I trust that something of our heart will encourage and inspire you to put your hand to the plough and sow into a field that is ripe unto harvest yet where the labourers are few.