Campio Salutes Professor Heinz Rode – Burn Hero

I met Professor Rode in 2011 when the late Euton Murphy – secretary of the board – and I visited the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.  I was overwhelmed with honor to be heard and acknowledge by him and be allowed to quote him. “Campio has indeed landed themselves a hiatus – what a wonderful vision”.  Campio […]


BURNS IN HUMAN TRAFFICKING This CAMPIO Burns essay looks at burns related punishment and torture in human trafficking and it’s relation to drugs. We’ve cited the burning and death of 44 year old Mishkaar Fakier from Hout Bay as an example of a pattern that exists across the world. “Are South African traffickers/PIMPS studying Asian […]

CAMPIO interview

Letter to my beautiful fellow sojourners. We are all pilgrims moving through timelessness towards a destination that is unknown, yet known. Many will limp there, crawl, run and others bravely and uprightly stride there. Some will bear evidence of a bloody battle; a journey of great grief and loss. No matter the scenario or circumstances, […]

Human Trafficking Campaign – . Stop the abuse of our children and women On Tuesday 5 December women, men and children gathered inside and outside the Central Methodist church in Cape town campaigning against human trafficking and the abuse and killing of humanity – violence against women and children. This initiative, run by The campio Burns Group was the […]

In honor of the memory of Euton Murphy

The Campio Burns Group has lost a dear friend and Secretary of the Board, Euton Murphy who passed away on 4 July 2012. We salute him for his support, input and hands-on attitude and spirit. We will miss his enthusiasm and energy, his honesty, integrity and gift to see the positive in every challenging situation.  […]