CAMPIO interview

Letter to my beautiful fellow sojourners.
We are all pilgrims moving through timelessness towards a destination that is unknown, yet known. Many will limp there, crawl, run and others bravely and uprightly stride there.
Some will bear evidence of a bloody battle; a journey of great grief and loss.
No matter the scenario or circumstances, we are anticipating the victory in moving beyond that finish line. Do not let periods and timeframes of unbearable sorrow undermine our agelessness and timeless beauty and the marvel of our calling and purpose in this time and place.
To see beyond this life and fragile existence. To weep with those who weep; mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who celebrate.
Therefore, in all things and in every waltz, be it broken or bright, let us praise our God who is “from everlasting to everlasting” – If we then keep our eyes fixed ahead and keep moving we will find the essence of our immortality and true being.
As we continue to move through timeless and incredible wonder and even woe may the God of all Gods, Yahweh, our Elshaddai be praised.
May trust overcome our tears and faith our fears.
I pray that 2018 will have you dancing to the beat of an ancient and timeless drum.
REMEMBER: Your life is not summed up in 365 days X … but in every moment in a minute. I thank my my precious saviour for giving me incredible moments.
Pastors, leaders, creatives, friends and family for walking with me, supporting my creativity and ministry. For believing with me for miracles. Leon Petersen our secretary of the board for endless support. 

This year holds great creative promise for burn survivor communities as we extend an invitation to our
new project “the Campio Choristers”.

There is one word that epitomises the spirit of Campio, may it be yours too as you join us in raising awareness of the needs of burn survivors and assist in supporting our campaign and projects for an integrated community of burn survivors.


Beulah Kleinveldt.

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