Campio Salutes Professor Heinz Rode – Burn Hero

I met Professor Rode in 2011 when the late Euton Murphy – secretary of the board – and I visited the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.  I was overwhelmed with honor to be heard and acknowledge by him and be allowed to quote him.

“Campio has indeed landed themselves a hiatus – what a wonderful vision”. 

Campio has since struggled like a baby who simply cannot stand without support – almost 7 years later it finally crawls back to life and by Gods grace has active human resources and partnership support – where the heart of an organisation grows stronger and eventually walks – sometimes we are too hasty in wanting to run when crawling and falling is part of the process of finding our feet.

I salute all fellow organisations and companies who work endlessly for the betterment of humanity and with a voice of mutual solidarity says NO to the violation of humanity. 

When an organisation has to close its doors it is not because it has no heart but because it has no money.

It is indeed in connectivity and social cohesion where babies grow up to be healthy adults.

The Campio Burns Group is committed to social cohesion and mutual solidarity.

Beulah Kleinveldt

About Emeritus Professor Heinz Rode

MBChB Pretoria MMed (Surg) Pretoria  FRCS (Edinburgh) FCS (SA) 
Burn Hero 2013 
Widely regarded as the leading academic and practical burn surgeon in South Africa, Prof Rode has received substantive financial support for research in the areas of trauma, neonatal surgery, oncology and burns. He has been a notable ambassador – presenting eponymous lectures, as visiting professor to numerous universities internationally and serving on the editorial boards of leading paediatric surgical journals.
At home he has served African people and emerging surgeons with uncommon dedication and vision during a paediatric surgical career spanning over 34 years. For many years, he headed up the burns unit at Red Cross Children’s War Memorial hospital, the only paediatric burns unit on the continent where he treated more than eighty thousand children with burn injuries. Since he ‘retired’ in 2007, he has continued his work, full-time, at the hospital, training young surgeons in the art and practice of paediatric burns with the aim of transferring burn care responsibilities to them in the future.
Prof Rode was the driving force behind the establishment of the Pan-African Paediatric Surgical Association and initiated the acceptance of surgeons from Africa to train under the auspices of the University of Cape Town. He developed a Fellowship in Paediatric Surgery through the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa and established the EMSB course in South Africa. In 1995 he began running a free clinic at Michael Mapongwane Hospital in Khayelitsha, for patients who do not have the means to get to Red Cross Children’s Hospital for treatment. This is the only surgical clinic for paediatrics run by a surgical specialist in the Western Cape region at primary health care level.

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