CAMPIO – the name and values

I’ve been asked about our name – The Campio Burns Group”.
In short CAMPIO is the latin word for Champion.
Our vision is to raise and develop champions – to find and fight for burn survivors, to raise awareness of their plight and expose them to creative wellness therapy and integrate them into mainstream society. But For this process to have any chance of working we must slowly introduce recovered survivors to communities through creative platforms or campaigns and information sharing workshops. Then to bring mainstream into the world of burns awareness and thereby also making them beneficiaries of our arts and wellness programs.
Our projects and programs must at all times include mainstream so that survivors feel “safe” to enter an already educated hub.
The world a survivor or advocate enters is considered a battle field and our fight is to destroy the stigma attached to burns and have survivors rise as gifted contributors to society.
I trust this sheds more Iight.
Later I will will tell you about our exciting programs and projects.
Here’s a few dictionary definitions –
champion (n.)
early 13c., “doughty fighting man, valorous combatant,” also (c. 1300) “one who fights on behalf of another or others, one who undertakes to defend a cause,” from Old French champion “combatant, champion in single combat” (12c.), from Late Latin campionem (nominative campio) “gladiator, fighter, combatant in the field,” from Latin campus “field (of combat);” see campus.
champion (v.)
“to fight for, defend, protect, maintain or support by contest,” 1820 (Scott) in a literal sense, from champion (n.). Figurative use, “maintain the cause of, advocate for” is by 1830. Earlier it meant “to challenge” (c. 1600). Related: Championed; championing.

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