Human Trafficking Campaign – .

On Tuesday 5 December women, men and children gathered inside and outside the Central Methodist church in Cape town campaigning against human trafficking and the abuse and killing of humanity – violence against women and children.
This initiative, run by The campio Burns Group was the supporting launch of the UNITE against human trafficking campaign by our partners, ANEX – while the athletes run to raise awareness we sang, danced, commemorated victims and performed prolific and at times shocking verse and narrative. Every km and every performance is and was for those who suffer each day.
Arts therapy at work –
Present were Sisters Incorporated; Safeline; Beautiful Gate SA; SARMA(Teba Shumba and poets); Western Cape Government officials –
Red Cross Hospital volunteers –
Campaign sponsors present were OMNI (Megan Hultzer) and Forward Fund(Linda Wilson); Jim-Mare Raubenheimer –
Other campaign sponsors were 1000women 1 voice
I wish to thank every organisation, sponsor artist and speaker (Vivian Rix; Abigail Nelson and Sibongile Zenzile); all CAMPIO friends.
Advocate Anthea Michaels for assisting me amidst our very hectic schedules. You made the tasks lighter with your constant checking on me😊
Reverend Alan Storey for believing in the campaign and so graciously allowing us the full use of the church.
And very importantly, ANEX For embracing our work and inviting us on board an initiative CAMPIO believes in.
When the 16 days are over we would just have begun.
What a glorious day of saying NO! through arts and information sharing.
Heres a clip of a beautiful heartstopping piece by Tayane Lee Arends
exploitation and abuse of women and children must stop….!
Vuleka Amazulu –
open the heavens
“I’m fighting for survival”.
I’m crying to my creator
Life is hard mom,
It’s been long – I fall and rise,
and wanted to be loved –
Claudia Burger
Tina Thiart
Nadine Brown Blom
Linda Wilson
Artists –👑👑👑
Leon Petersen
Teba Shumba
Sydney Saize
Jurgen Troy Namupira
Delene Hartnick-Roberts (Sisters Inc)
Morgan Dennison
Nathanian Jacobs
Robyn Reid
Jody Geduld
Kim Fester
Jason Van der Westhuizen

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