Campio stands in mutual solidarity against the violation of humanity

Fire Protection Association of South Africa                                                                                                                                                             Of all bodily injuries, few are more traumatic than burns. By searing through flesh and muscle, destroying nerves and blood vessels, and setting up a fertile breeding ground for infection, burns can cripple, disfigure and kill”.   “The biggest problem (for burn victims) is their fear of being seen in public”. 

“While funding constraints remain a significant hurdle for those seeking to undertake primary research, raising awareness is an important first step”.  
0ver 10 years 10 000 murders occurred in South Africa.  (44,5%) 1300 child deaths occur each year through burns.

Endorsement – “CAMPIO has landed themselves a hiatus – what a wonderful vision”.  Professor Heinz Rode – Burns Unit, Red Cross Children’s Hospital, South Africa.



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