The burning of Siam Lee

An article by Timeslive dated 15 January 2018 speaks to my essay on burns in human trafficking and puts a pattern of burns as a form of messaging and coercion in prostitution and trafficking.

These are messages – not mere disposals of bodies.  Traffickers/pimps  are messaging you – showing you what will happen to you if you oppose them.

I also cited brothels as the gateway for trafficking – and this recent incident once again brings it to light.

Greedy pimps traffick. It’s the doorway because girls will often find being paid for sex a more favourable option to poverty that the thought of being forced into it without pay – raped and beaten.

It’s not a better option because you’re an easier target when they already have you.

Young people – stay away from drugs. It always has sex attached to it. Dealers will use you as a slave to pay your debts.
prostitution is not the answer – your pimp will eventually sell your services without pay. and if Im right about the patterns i see emerging then he’ll burn you into obedience.

Stay away from the house in your community where you know prostitution is taking place. You may never get home again.

This is serious stuff and young people are targets.

Please do not play with fire – you will get burned

let’s talk about this.

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